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About My Tech VA

Why We Started

Hi, my is Claire Taylor and I am the founder of My Tech VA. My background is in Digital Marketing and I have been running a successful Digital Marketing Agency alongisde my husband and business partner since 2007. As the online world has become more complex and competitive, we have moved into an era where it’s just not affordable for a small business owner or start up to work long term with an Agency like mine.

But, there is still a need for businesses to get access to the kinds of services an agency can offer. That’s where My Tech VA comes in. I saw a real gap in the marketplace for a company to come along and serve those businesses well. Not only by being able to take the more administrative tasks away (like adding products to Amazon for example), but also those digital marketing tasks that business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to do themselves.

I saw two distinct areas where support was lacking. The more technical side such as upgrading plugins, identifying and fixing broken links, migrating to a different hosting provider etc. And also, the digital marketing side, which includes things like writing meta data, optimising a page for SEO, adding CTA’s to a page etc.

That’s where My Tech VA can really make a difference, by offering all of that and more in with a transparent and affordable pricing policy.

Our Ethos

We have a strong belief in doing business with integrity. That means ensuring our customers hours are spent doing things that will really make a difference to their business. We have no interest in trying to sell anything that we don’t think will be of benefit. This allows us to build honest relationships with our customers, long term relationships that are about achieving results together.

I hope through My Tech VA, to see smaller businesses really succeed in the online world where, quite frankly, many have been at a disadvantage. If our customers do well, we do well. So why wouldn’t any business want to do their very best to serve?

Why is My Tech VA Different?

VA's working in an office

We are a small team that offers a wide range of differing skills, this means we can take on a lot more than an individual VA might be able to. We also don’t have a production line mentality, churning out work with little thought to it’s purpose or quality. I think that enables us to be able to offer something different.

Our team all work for us and only for us. In fact, we have been working together for over 10 years. This enables us to keep the work consistent and of the highest quality. We will never take on more work than we know we should.

Areas of expertise:

  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Administration
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